Our Teen Ministry

Our teens are not only the church of tomorrow, but also a vital part of the church today. Enjoying the turbulent years of adolescence starts with knowing Jesus Christ. Godly friends can add stability as teens mature and grow. Our individual programs are geared to the changing needs of each age group.

Vision for the Youth Group

  • Create fun activities where the teens can get to know one another better to build a unity and camaraderie
  • Have smaller activities targeting different age groups so that we can have activities suiting their interests and maturity levels
  • Give the teens opportunities to minister to GBC (Inreach)
  • There will be opportunities for them to be involved in the Wed. Service time in different areas
  • They will be made aware of families and individuals in need of help outside of the youth group (yard work, visitation, etc.)
  • Give the teens opportunities to minister to our community and abroad (Outreach)
  • Missions Trips
  • Junior Camp
  • Teen Evangelism
  • Unite the youth group and break up the click mentality
  • Teach the teens the importance of their role in the church (they are needed – Body/Bride/Building)
  • Create an effective Small Group Program to accomplish the goals listed above.
  • Dividing the teens into small groups will give them an opportunity to spend time with different teens that they might not normally get a chance to know
  • Have a Bible Study going through a short epistle each summer

Sunday School

This provides an opportunity to meet as a more focused group covering age and gender appropriate topics. Our Sunday school divides up our young men and girls into separate classes.

Teen Church

It is our belief that not only are our teens the church of tomorrow, but they are also vital part of the church today. Every fifth Sunday, our teens get together and lead our children’s church. This provides them the privilege of serving in a ministry setting. We lead the singing, have various skits, puppets, and give the challenge. Also, throughout the year we have special Super Teen Sundays that they can get involved in.


What is a youth group without activities? Although our primary goal is not to play games, there are great benefits to having believers getting together to have a little fun. The purpose of youth activities are fourfold: contacts, competition, counsel, and companionship. The activities provide our teens with wholesome, fun interaction with other Christian teens.

Summer Camp

Each summer we take our Jr. and Sr. High teens to a Christian Camp. The purpose of the summer camp is to get your teen away from the pressures, distractions, and routines of everyday life. Camp provides a godly environment where they will be challenged to spiritual change, encouraged in their walk with the Lord, and confronted with their need of Christ. They will also make new friends and have a lot a fun! This is one of the greatest opportunities for life-changing decisions in the life of your teen. We STRONGLY encourage every parent to have their teen go to the summer camp. It is a spiritual investment you won’t regret.

Mission Trips

The purpose of our Mission Trips is to provide an opportunity for godly teens to go to a mission field and serve the Lord thereby developing a stronger burden for missions. This is not just a sightseeing trip or a trip that anyone can go on. A teen desiring to go on a Mission Trip must have a godly testimony and a true desire to please God and to do His will. Certain requirements must be met by the teens desiring to go on a Mission Trip. We are looking for faithfulness in attendance to services (Sunday services, Wednesday services, and special services) and youth activities (teen visitation, etc). This is not to say that they can never miss one, but those who are the most faithful and most involved will be considered first. Other requirements will be given such as Scripture memory, sermon notes, and devotional journals.

College Trips

Each year we plan to take a college trip that will expose the teens to fundamental Christian colleges. We strongly believe in Christian education and desire to expose the teens to college life in their formative years. The trip will be available to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the youth group.

Widows / Shut-ins

There are several opportunities to visit some of those who might have difficulty making it to our services. We could help them with a project or simply read Scripture and sing some hymns. We try to plan these on a quarterly basis.

Nursing Home Ministry

This is a great learning experience for the teens to lead a small service. They would have an opportunity to minister in music, testimony, and song. From our experience, they could not have a more loving and receptive crowd.

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